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We Are

South Island Prosperity Partnership is the mandated economic development alliance for Southern Vancouver Island. We are a public-private partnership of 10 municipal governments, 9 First Nations, 3 post-secondaries, plus major employers, nonprofits and industry associations.

As stewards of Greater Victoria’s economic development strategy, we collaborate across sectors and municipalities to harness opportunity, accelerate innovation, drive the creation of household-supporting jobs, and grow economic and social prosperity for current and future generations.

Our Member Ecosystem


SIPP partners with 10 municipal governments on the South Island in a collaborative regional approach to economic development that benefits each community.


We partner with 9 South Island First Nations to help build economic capacity, including the very first Indigenous Prosperity Centre for our region.


SIPP partners with the University of Victoria, Royal Roads University and Camosun College to strengthen and highlight our innovation and learning culture.


SIPP’s business members are economy builders and leaders in sectors from transportation and tech to finance and urban development.


SIPP collaborates to build an innovative, diversified and inclusive economy, with a high quality of life and household-sustaining jobs for our children – and their children.


SIPP collaborates with NGOs and business associations to foster economic development initiatives that benefit the entire community and contribute to a better quality of life.


Greater Victoria exemplifies a globally fluent and resilient metropolitan city-region, full of potential and open to transformation.

We are a fusion of cultures and geographies, rooted in the traditional lands of the Coast Salish peoples and connected to the rest of Canada, the Pacific Northwest and Asia-Pacific. Our region collectively takes bold steps to nurture a more innovative, diversified, inclusive and sustainable economy


We bring people and sectors together to turn big thinking into meaningful action

We celebrate diversity and honour our heritage, environment and future generations.

We own our work and know it has the power to create sustainable prosperity.

We lead collaboratively and chart our own authentic economic development course.

We are resolute economic optimists, obsessing over transforming today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.

We serve our community, members and each other with trust and respect.



At SIPP, we are committed to creating an inclusive culture in our region — and our organization — where everyone has an equal opportunity to grow, achieve and thrive.

In 2021, championed by our membership, SIPP joined the 50 – 30 Diversity Challenge, a federal initiative to increase the representation of diverse groups in workplaces and on boards to ensure all Canadians have a seat at the table. SIPP’s Board achieved the 50 – 30 Challenge target, with 50% women and/or non-binary people and 30% people from equity-deserving groups, including racialized and Indigenous Peoples.


SIPP is deeply committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These SDGs recognize development must balance social, economic and environmental sustainability. The SDGs are foundational to each of our initiatives.



Municipal Governments


First Nations


Major Businesses and NGO’s


Chambers of Commerce


Financial Instituations


Post-Secondary Institutions

SIPP’s 70 members are a dynamic cross-section of businesses, governments and community organizations. They are Economy Builders who value being part of a regional economic development alliance focused on strengthening our the South Island’s economy.

Our Members


SIPP’s Board is elected by members to reflect local businesses’ diversity and regional leadership. Directors are chosen on competency, skill and our commitment to the 50 – 30 Challenge.

Frank Bourree


Craig Norris
Past Chair (ex officio)

Dr. Susanne Thiessen

Sonterra Ross

Tina Ryan

Kear Porttris

Jennifer Vornbrock

Peter Cowan

Lindalee Brougham

Anthony Payne
Board Director


Times of massive change call for openness to new ideas and the expertise and passion to turn ideas into opportunity. During a challenging year, SIPP’s lean team of 6 has moved with purpose, agility and velocity to support Greater Victoria’s economic recovery and launch ambitious plans backed by our community to diversify and strengthen our future economy.

Emilie de Rosenroll
Founding CEO, SIPP and COAST

Dallas Gislason
Director of Economic Development

Kerry Slavens
Director of Public Relations

Kieran Buggy
Manager of Operations

Elysia Glover
Manager of Strategic Partnerships

Benjamin Wagg
Digital Marketing & Communications Specialist

Collaboration Today
Prosperity Tomorrow